Energy Medicine – A Quick Take On A Deep Subject

What is energy medicine?

A controversial branch of Holistic Medicine which acknowledges the presence and influence of invisible and variably measurable forces upon or physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

What do you mean by “invisible forces”?

A force is any influence that provokes change. The visible influence or force of your hand squeezing on an aluminum can provokes a change in the shape of the can. The invisible force of gravity causes you to fall to the ground if you step off a rooftop. Other invisible forces could include common ones like electricity and magnetism as well as the well-known “psychological forces” of guilt, shame, anger, pleasure, etc. Other less understood forces might include those that various holistic traditions have referred to as life force, vital force, prana, chi, innate intelligence, spirit and others.

What are some examples of energy medicine?

From the conventional world of medicine one could consider diagnostic studies like the EKG, EEG and MRI as examples of energy medicine diagnostic techniques.

From the alternative and holistic world examples could include homeopathy, Reiki, NAET, acupuncture/acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tai Chi / Chi Gong, positive intention, prayer among many others.

Is this stuff real?

A qualified yes is the answer as some types of energy are easily measured and demonstrated and others are not.

Consider a routine EKG or heart tracing. How would placing electrodes on your arms, legs and chest tell us something about the health of your heart?

The answer is found by realizing that the heart has cells that act like automatic batteries and other cells that act like electrical wires to conduct electrical information about how it should function.

Heart function therefore depends on electrical properties. That electrical signature is refined by referencing the electrical field that is also measurable in the arms, legs and generated across the chest – even though this is some distance away from the physical heart itself.

Consider the MRI scan which constructs an image of our body based on manipulation of its magnetic properties.

Other forms of energy medicine such as the holistic examples noted above are less tangible but detectable and measurable in their own way. They are believed to work on a more subtle electro-magnetic level such that current conventional means of measurement are less consistent.

While the exact mechanisms by which they work are not clearly understood, the effects of the techniques are often pointed to as the proof of their existence and efficacy.

How Can Energy Medicine Help Me?

With the modern understanding that energy underlies all matter, one can then consider many illnesses, which are material and tangible states of dysfunction, to be influenced if not dictated by an abnormal energy state. The degree to which these abnormal energy states can be accurately discovered and corrected, many of the outward tangible signs of illness may be thereby relieved.

In practice this approach seems to work best for problems that have not permanently altered or destroyed organs or which are otherwise deeply entrenched. Other more material forms of treatment complement this approach as well such as proper nutrition, lifestyle modification, supplementation, stress reduction, etc.

Energy medicine techniques while somewhat nebulous and controversial at times, are useful methods which often compliment the more obvious and tangible means of treatment. In the end, consistent relief of symptoms and reversal of underlying causes continues to be the goal of any well-rounded holistic treatment program.

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